Der Sheng manufactures a big selection swivel casters and wheels for customers. Our

Single Wheel Plastic Medical Caster

,Medical Castersswivel casters & wheels include industrial caster & wheel, rubber caster and wheel, lawn mower wheels, heavy duty casters, institutional caster, medical caster, chair casters, shopping cart casters and so on. The features of swivel casters should be coming with as follows: A swivel caster should swivel easily and be long-lasting. Materials with low friction coefficient or specially-treated parts should be applied for the swiveling section. Bigger swivel radius makes easier swivel but lower load capacity. Bigger wheel makes easier swivel and protects floor. Bigger wheel swivels slower than small one & not tend to become hot and distort easily. Big wheel should be selected as long as the mounting height allows. Single Wheel Plastic Medical Caster Dersheng medical casters with high performance total lock brake to be actiated easily and effectively. Furthermore, requirements for running speed of the swivel caster should be within an average level of 3~4km/h and has certain stop period, under ordinary temperature and in the condition of smooth floor. Floor material, obstacles or special conditions such as high or low temperature, acid, alkaline, oil, chemicals or static must be taken into consideration when selecting a caster. Special environment might require the casters which are made of special materials. For instance, ordinary rubber material can not stand acid, oil and chemicals; high-tech polyurethane wheels, plastics wheels, phenolic wheels, cast-iron wheels are designed for different special environments. Der Sheng is a professional and experienced medcial caster manufacturer in Taiwan. Der Sheng's medical casters include 1129 series, 1135 series and precision casters. As a leading medical casters manufacturer, Der Sheng offers an extensive range of medical casters, wheels for almost every application.
Automatic Cable Locking Caster
This self-locking caster is designed to immobilize the casters/wheels automatically when
the casters and the cart they carried are in a non-operated condition. With a connection
of a cable and lever system, the caster locks automatically when the users release a
handle of the trolley/carts, which increases the safety of the products in use.
Dersheng Medical Cster Dersheng Medical Cster Dersheng Medical Cster
Dersheng Medical Cster Swivel W/Automatic locking E-conductive wheel,
Precision bll bearing,

Resolute TPR on PP Core E-Conductive
Size Top Plate Size Bolt Hole Spacing Attaching Bolt Size
3" 42 x 42 mm
(1-21/32" x 1-21/32")
32 x 32 mm
(1-1/4" x 1-1/4")
3" 60 x 60 mm
(2-3/8" x 2-3/8")
42.5 x 42.5 mm
(1-11/16" x 1-11/16")
4" 5" 69 x 96 mm
(2-23/32" x 3-25/32")
45 x 75 mm
(1-25/32" x 2-15/16")
4" 5" 69 x 96 mm
(2-23/32" x 3-25/32")
49 x 74.5 mm
(1-15/16" x 2-15/16")
      *Fixed Caster is available. Please consult the factory.
Size Threaded Size Size Threaded Size
3" 4" 5" M12 x 25 mm 4" 5" M16 x 30 mm

Fixed Swivel Brake
Width of Tread
75mm x 14mm
(3" x 0.55")

Caster width
75mm x 59mm
(3" x 2.3")
Plate 90kgs (198lbs) Resolute 1161-03-84-1 1161-03-84-2 1161-03-84-4 Ball Bearing 90mm

Swivel 67mm

Swivel W/Automatic
locking 67mm

90kgs (198lbs) E-conductive 1161-03-85-1 1161-03-85-2 1161-03-85-4
90kgs (198lbs) TPR on PP Core 1161-03-86-1 1161-03-86-2 1161-03-86-4
90kgs (198lbs) Resolute 1161-03-84-2 1161-03-84-4 82mm
90kgs (198lbs) E-conductive 1161-03-85-2 1161-03-85-4
90kgs (198lbs) TPR on PP Core 1161-03-86-2 1161-03-86-4
Width of Tread
100mm x 18mm
(4" x 0.7")

Caster width
100mm x 82mm
(4" x 3.2")
Plate 100kgs (220lbs) Resolute 1161-04-84-1 1161-04-84-2 1161-04-84-4 Ball Bearing 123mm

Swivel 91mm

Swivel W/Automatic
locking 91mm

100kgs (220lbs) E-conductive 1161-04-85-1 1161-04-85-2 1161-04-85-4
100kgs (220lbs) TPR on PP Core 1161-04-86-1 1161-04-86-2 1161-04-86-4
100kgs (220lbs) Resolute 1161-04-84-2 1161-04-84-4 121mm
100kgs (220lbs) E-conductive 1161-04-85-2 1161-04-85-4
100kgs (220lbs) TPR on PP Core 1161-04-86-2 1161-04-86-4
Width of Tread
125mm x 18mm
(5" x 0.7")

Caster width
125mm x 84.5mm
(5" x 3.3")
Plate 110kgs
(242 lbs)
Resolute 1161-05-84-1 1161-05-84-2 1161-05-84-4 Ball Bearing 147mm

Swivel 110mm

Swivel W/Automatic
locking 110mm

(242 lbs)
E-conductive 1161-05-85-1 1161-04-85-2 1161-05-85-4
(242 lbs)
TPR on PP Core 1161-05-86-1 1161-05-86-2 1161-05-86-4
(242 lbs)
Resolute 1161-05-84-2 1161-05-84-4 145mm
(242 lbs)
E-conductive 1161-05-85-2 1161-05-85-4
(242 lbs)
TPR on PP Core 1161-05-86-2 1161-05-86-4
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