Heavy Duty General Purposes Caster
  (Japanese Style)
Reinforce fork design to further improve load rating and impact resistance, Side lock brake is available.
Side Lock Brake Swivel Dust Cover Metal Thread Guard
Rubber on Steel Core Nylon PU on PA Core W Resolute
QPU on AL Core EQPU Rubber on AL Core WMRC
Caster Size Top Plate Size Bolt Hole Spacing Attaching Bolt Size
4",5",6" Swivel plate 101 x 101 mm (4" x 4") 78 x 78 mm (3-1/16" x 3-1/16") 10 mm (3/8")

Caster Size Top Plate Size Bolt Hole Spacing Attaching Bolt Size
5",6" Rigid plate 91 x 140 mm (3-9/16" x 5-1/2") 55 x 105 mm (2-1/8" x 4-1/8") 10 mm (3/8")
Fixed Swivel Brake
100mm x 32mm
250 kgs
(550 lbs)
Nylon - 1108-H-04-07-2 1108-H-04-07-4 Ball Bearing 138mm

Swivel 67mm

Swivel W/Side brake 87.5mm

100mm x 36mm
270 kgs
(594 lbs)
QPU on AL Core (Round) - 1108-H-04-87-2 11108-H-04-87-4
140 kgs
(308 lbs)
W Resolute - 1108-H-04-64-2 1108-H-04-64-4
100mm x 40mm
300 kgs
(660 lbs)
QPU on AL Core (Round) - 1108-H-04-87(40)-2 1108-H-04-87(40)-4
200 kgs
(440 lbs)
Rubber on AL Core - 1108-H-04-22-2 1108-H-04-22-4
125mm x 38mm
160 kgs
(352 lbs)
W Resolute 1108-H-05-64-1 1108-H-05-64-2 1108-H-05-64-4 Ball Bearing 168mm

Swivel 98.5mm

Swivel W/Side brake 98.5mm

125mm x 40mm
300 kgs
(660 lbs)
Nylon 1108-H-05-07-1 1108-H-05-07-2 1108-H-05-07-4
300 kgs
(660 lbs)
QPU on AL Core(Round) 1108-H-05-87-1 1108-H-05-87-2 1108-H-05-87-4
300 kgs
(660 lbs)
EQPU(Round) 1108-H-05-81-1 1108-H-05-81-2 1108-H-05-81-4
250 kgs
(550 lbs)
Rubber on AL Core 1108-H-05-22-1 1108-H-05-22-2 1108-H-05-22-4
150mm x 38mm
(396 lbs)
W Resolute 1108-H-06-64-1 1108-H-06-64-2 1108-H-06-64-4 Ball Bearing 191mm
Swivel 113mm

Swivel W/Side brake 113mm
150mm x 40mm
(352 lbs)
Swivel Dust Cover 1108-H-06-18-1 1108-H-06-18-2 1108-H-06-18-4
(660 lbs)
WMRC 1108-H-06-45-1 1108-H-06-45-2 1108-H-06-45-4
(616 lbs)
Rubber on AL Core 1108-H-06-22-1 1108-H-06-22-2 1108-H-06-22-4
150mm x 42mm
(660 lbs)
QPU on AL Core(Round) 1108-H-06-87-1 1108-H-06-87-2 1108-H-06-87-4
(660 lbs)
EQPU(Round) 1108-H-06-81-1 1108-H-06-81-2 1108-H-06-81-4
150mm x 44mm
(440 lbs)
PU on PA Core 1108-H-06-34-1 1108-H-06-34-2 1108-H-06-34-4
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